About Us

Bufete Cuetara Canale S.C. provides the best solutions and service for the client’s problems with a team of excellence professionals, committed with the teamwork, collaboration and solidarity.

Our History

Bufete Cuetara Canale S.C. is created from the point of view of its founder in order to establish a specialized firm in conflict settlements of different areas of Law, in which, as of the first moment, each client may be assured that its problems shall be solved by a team of expert lawyers, loyal and committed, with which each client keeps a constant communication.
Therefore, the founder decided to split its practice area from one of the most famous and prestigious law firms in the country, where he achieved one of the top moments regarding the practice of contentious law.

When organizing Bufete Cuetara Canale S.C. it was taken into consideration that the majority of persons involved in a legal dispute, suffer of high anxiety and stress levels, thus it was necessary to create a firm that could solve the legal problems of the client, establishing the necessary conditions in order it may feel calm, confident and sure that a team of expert, loyal, and ethic lawyers shall be charged to solve its problems, always keeping a true and timely communication.

Over the years, it could be said that the customers of Bufete Cuetara Canale S.C. are leader in their respective activity areas; this fact has offered us the possibility to grow and consolidate a valuable practice in areas that mainly are the interest object for big corporations, such as financial matters, in general, or economic competence, where we have had the opportunity to represent different companies in proceedings of the highest transcendence.

The customers hiring the services of Bufete Cuetara Canale S.C., include a large number of corporations with some kind of special administrative regulation, which has derived in the competent exercise of our associates in matters of inspections and administrative sanctions, permits or concessions of assets or public services, public bids, and generally, any relations between the private and the public sector.

In response to the clear tendency of modern commercial practices, people hiring the services of Bufete Cuetara Canale S.C. obtain the counseling of certified experts by several domestic and international entities in matter of alternative solution, that have actively participated in the scope of national and international arbitrage and thus mediation.

Lastly, Bufete Cuetara Canale S.C. hears all kind of civil matters with a wide relationship with commercial activity, such as real estate, or of a high human content, such as family matters.

Therefore, the person hiring the services of Bufete Cuetara Canale S.C. always feels sure to get the services of a law firm with lawyers with a long trajectory, thus the client establishes a professional relationship with Bufete Cuetara Canale S.C. and receives a service of the highest quality fully satisfying the necessities that in each case are required.

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Our Mission

The mission of Bufete Cuetara Canale S.C. it that our team of capable, loyal ant ethic lawyers provide legal services to the client, in order that as of the first moment, it feels tranquility, safety, and confidence to entrust the solutions of its legal problems to a law firm committed to the immediate attention and to provide the best solution to the problems of the clients, always providing its service through an accurate, personalized, immediate and constant communication.

Our Philosophy

In Bufete Cuetara Canale S.C. the client always receives an efficient legal service, since, through the team work, the accrued legal knowledge and expertise of each one of the lawyers of Bufete Cuetara Canale S.C. Is leveraged. At the firm, we consider that the client gets a higher success guarantee in its matters, because the work it obtains when hiring Bufete Cuetara Canale S.C. is the result of the joint labor of its members.

For the client hiring Bufete Cuetara Canale S.C. the services may be measured by the final result of this law firm, and the promptness of the results obtained through it, in addition of the level and quality of communication received, therefore it would have a higher capacity in order to take decisions. Furthermore, the client gets from Bufete Cuetara Canale S.C. additional counseling helping it to apply preventive measures in order to avoid similar problems to the one existing deriving in the contracting of lawyers.

It could be concluded that our customers consider Bufete Cuetara Canale S.C. as the best legal alternative, since each client always receives from this firm an excellent service, product of combining efforts, absolute loyalty, and the value added of team work, resulting in an ideal service for those seeking to build a true society with their counselors.

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